Design & Technology

Design and Technology provides students with the chance to develop good design, creativity and practical skills. The facilities for learning are excellent.

Key Stage 3

The course is designed to give every student the opportunity to learn basic presentation skills. We focus on the design process and graphic techniques.

Students in Year 7 work within STEM to develop their knowledge and skills within projects where science, technology, engineering and maths support and interweave one another.  

This includes:

  • Working to a brief
  • Researching
  • Problem solving
  • Designing and adapting
  • Testing and experimenting
  • Making 
  • Evaluating

STEM working develops wider skills such as team working, creative thinking and problem solving and makes links to the world of work where, in industry, the skills listed above are key within the world of design, technology and manufacturing.

In Year 8, students are asked to design a tablet stand which is adjustable to accommodate a number of differing gadgets. Students also make a steady hand game which includes traditional woodwork, graphics and the use of soldering and electronic components.

In Year 9, students develop their understanding of the design process working through the research, design, adaption, prototype and making stages of specific products.  Students deepen their understanding of how, within the design and making process, their ideas, adaptations and decisions need to be reasoned and justified whilst also demonstrating understanding of specific materials, techniques and processes.

Key Stage 4

Design & Technology

This subject provides students with the opportunity to solve problems using wood, metal and plastics in our workshop.

They learn about the materials and manufacturing processes used to make a wide range of everyday items. They then use those techniques to design and make their own products.

As part of their study pupils will look closely at industrial processes, manufacturing and design philosophy.

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