The Music Department is a lively place to be within Bay House School. We are a well-resourced department with 3 specialist classrooms, a recording studio and a further 7 practice rooms.

We pride ourselves on keeping practical music-making at the centre both inside and outside of the classroom. There is always music being, whether that be one of our ensembles rehearsing for an upcoming concert, students composing their own material, or just friends making music together.

Key Stage 3

Pupils can expect to do a lot of practical music-making at Key Stage 3. They will spend time singing and playing a variety of instruments whilst studying a wide range of musical styles, genres and contexts, developing their performing, composing and appraising skills.

In year 7 pupils focus on how music is fundamentally put together and created before studying more rhythmic and harmonic development in year 8. In year 9, pupils learn about complex genres of music and develop an in-depth understanding of the use of music technology.

Key Stage 4

We have 2 different pathways that are available to pupils at KS4. One is the Music GCSE where we use the AQA examination board, the other route being the NCFE Music Technology course.

The Music GCSE focusses on the development of three components: understanding music, performing music and composing music.

Understanding Music

Pupils will develop their knowledge of a wide range of musical genres from time a variety of periods and locations, studying set works from Haydn and Carlos Santana. Pupils will sit an exam comprising of a listening section on unfamiliar works within each genre before answering extended questions based on the set works.

Performing Music

Pupils will refine and develop their performance technique as they work towards recording a solo performance and an ensemble performance, in total lasting a minimum of four minutes.

Composing Music

Pupils will also learn a range of compositional techniques and devices that they use to create two of their own compositions. One of these will be a free composition and the other will have a set of four briefs for pupils to choose from.

NCFE Music Technology

The NCFE Music Technology course focusses on the use of digital audio workstations in order to create and produce music. The assessed work is largely coursework, with an exam at the end of the course based on the knowledge that they have gained throughout the course.

Pupils will learn about a range of genres of contemporary music and will develop their skills in setting up and operating workstations, using appropriate software and hardware and developing techniques such as microphone placement.

Key Stage 5

The Music A Level focusses on the development of three components: understanding music, performing music and composing music.

Understanding Music

Students will study music from the Baroque, Classical and Romantic periods, Music for Media and Jazz in detail. They will develop their aural ability to identify musical devices from unfamiliar music as well as aurally dictate music.

Performing Music 

This course provides opportunities for students to develop their performing skills on their chosen instrument by creating a solo performance lasting 6 minutes for AS, and 10 minutes for A level.

Composing Music

Students will learn a range of compositional techniques before creating a composition where they are free to choose the genre, style, instrumentation and purpose. They will also learn the rules of Bach chorale writing as they complete a two chorale exercises as part of their composition portfolio.

For more information on our A-Level Music provision please visit the course information area of our Sixth Form website

Co-Curricular Music

Concert Band at Disneyland, Paris

We are very proud that there are a number of co-curricular ensembles that pupils and students are able to get involved with at Bay House School, and that we cater for a wide range of musical styles and genres. We have a concert once a term to showcase these ensembles and some solo performances. Additional events take place across the year including the biennial school musical, visiting professional workshops, concert trips and community performances.

We are always looking to grow the ensembles in the Music Department and so if you are interested in joining an ensemble please do come along to a rehearsal!

List of ensembles
Key Stage 3 Choir
Sixth Form Choir
Community Choir
Guitar Ensemble
String Orchestra
Flute Ensemble
Woodwind Ensemble
Training Band
Big Band
Brass Ensemble
Samba Band
School of Rock


Flute Ensemble at the Christmas Concert

Visit our Co-Curricular Production Gallery (coming soon)

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Peripatetic Lessons

We are also fortunate to have a team of visiting vocal and instrumental teachers who deliver additional lessons in:

  • Singing
  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Saxophone
  • Trumpet/Cornet
  • Euphonium
  • Horn
  • Trombone
  • Tuba
  • Drums
  • Classical Guitar
  • Guitar (Acoustic & Electric)
  • Bass Guitar

These lessons are subsidised by the school and so are available at a reasonable price of £85 per instrument per term. If you are interested in signing up for any of these lessons, then please speak to your classroom music teacher.

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