Assessment, marking and feedback

The content below is taken from the pupil planners at Bay House. The information for pupils shows the different ways that teachers provide feedback to pupils – from marking to quizzes and everything in between.

If you would like to know more about marking in a subject, and the ways a teacher feeds back to pupils about their progress, successes and areas to develop, please contact your child’s subject teacher or the Head of Department. A list of ‘who to contact’ can be found here.

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Assessment and feedback to support your learning

All of the work that you do in every lesson at Bay House School will have some form of feedback from your teacher. This is to help you know what you are doing well, where you need to improve and how you can improve. This is to help you make progress in all of your subjects and with your learning.

Be proud of every piece of work you complete and show this pride through your commitment and effort – every piece of work or activity you complete in class or at home is important in your time at Bay House.

Your individual teachers will decide what the most appropriate form of assessment or feedback is, based on their professional knowledge of you as an individual learner and based on the type of learning you have been doing.

Some examples of the types of assessment / feedback you can expect from your teachers are:

  • Written, e.g. teacher marking
  • Verbal
  • Working with pupils in class
  • Reading pupil’s work
  • Peer marking
  • Self-assessment
  • Home learning
    (Consider prep for next lesson/ reading/ revision)
  • Memory quizzes, knowledge organisers, multiple choice tests

At Bay House we see assessment and feedback as a dialogue (conversation) between you and your teacher – it will be something that you use to understand how you can improve your work and learning.

Each subject has its own Assessment Policy so your experiences will be different and varied, depending on what lesson you are in.

All of your teachers are teachers of literacy so, remember:

Accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar matters.

In every lesson, not just English!

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