Pastoral care

It is our collective, moral accountability to provide the best quality learning for all – so everyone in the school community makes progress, achieves to their best, and is happy and well. To achieve this we have a thorough and comprehensive system of pastoral care.

From day one at Bay House, pupils join a Tutor group and forge a strong bond with their Form Tutor who is responsible for monitoring and supporting a pupil’s academic and personal development.

You can contact your child’s Form Tutor either by email or by leaving a message requesting a phone call with the school reception.

Through tutor group activities and the citizenship programme, and through the curriculum and beyond, young people are encouraged to develop the skills and dispositions they need to be happy, safe and successful in life. This includes having a voice to speak out if they are concerned for themselves or others, to challenge and question and to be confident in making a positive contribution to our school and wider society.

Read more about our citizenship programme here.

Each pupil and Tutor group is attached to a Year Office, with a Head of Year and a Deputy Head of Year, and an extended team of colleagues who provide a wide range of pastoral expertise and experience.

You can contact your child’s Year Office and pastoral team by email or letter, or by contacting the school reception who will ensure your message will be responded to as promptly as we can.

It is our partnership with parents and carers that we actively encourage at all stages of a child’s time with us at Bay House. We know that it is the partnership between school and home that makes the most difference to a child being happy, well and successful.

Click here for contact details and a ‘quick guide for who to contact’

Please contact us to share successes or to flag a worry or concern with your child.

Our extended pastoral team includes:

  • Support with health and well being
  • Support with behaviour
  • Support to overcome barriers to learning
  • Emotional first aid
  • Medical first aid
  • Support to improve attendance and/or punctuality
  • Support with home learning
  • Support for young people with educational, health, emotional, practical, short or medium term, long term specific support needs.

Significant pastoral support is also provided alongside the learning, academic and personal development support delivered by our dedicated Virtual School.

Our pastoral work can also involve working with agencies beyond the school to ensure young people have the support and care they need. This includes agencies such as the police, the NHS, social care or specific expert groups or organisations.

Parents really matter – the research says so:

‘The best way to support a child’s achievement, attendance and behaviour is the positive partnership between the school and parents.’

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