Junior Headship Team & Pupil Voice

It’s really important that we listen to the views of the community and have robust systems for identifying areas of strength and improving our school.

There are a range of activities, and mechanisms that ensure everyone gets their voice. The 4 committees below are lead by Junior Headship members who make up the junior headship team. We also have a large number of prefects who are positive influences on school life. Here is how our structure works…

What is Pupil Voice?

  • A way for pupils to provide feedback and suggest changes they would like to make to THEIR school
  • Each tutor group has 2 representative who’ll be invited to regular meetings with Junior Headship and teachers to discuss matters in various subgroups.
  • Every pupil in school should have more of a say – if there is something pupils would like to change, it should be raised through one of the pupil voice reps and they can bring it to the teachers attention.
  • There are opportunities for Pupil Voice representatives to get involved in various projects throughout the year – whatever the school community is passionate about
  • Some of the pupil voice reps will also get the opportunity to meet with other school pupils and leaders to share what they like about their school, but also ‘steal’ good ideas from other schools!

We also send delegates to the UNLOC Student Voice Academy who’s mission is to ‘Empower young people to be the changemakers of today’.

More information on UNLOC is available at http://www.studentvoiceacademy.co.uk/

Who are the Junior Headship Team?

We are the Junior Headship team, designed to bring about change and discuss matters that involve Bay House pupils and the wider community. We will work closely with the Pupil Voice to discuss matters arising throughout the year.

What are Prefects

Prefects (from the Latin praeficere which means ‘to lead’) are selected for their ability to lead others. Prefects have the responsibility to set an example to others in the school community through a positive attitude to learning, good citizenship and good conduct. Prefects are expected to be role models for the younger pupils to aspire to and are required to undertake various duties throughout the year.

  • Wearing a different colour outer garment at all times and having a visible ‘presence’ around the school
  • Helping during selected open evenings such as the Year 6 Open Evening and the Year 7 Meet the Tutors event
  • Being the ‘face’ of the school at other events
  • Helping younger pupils by becoming involved in clubs and societies

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