Uniform, Phones & Equipment Expectations

Here’s a reminder of some key expectations in preparation for the new school year.

Uniform Unacceptable Clothing
Polo Shirt* short sleeved, dark blue with School logo Any items visible above the button opening on the collar, or below the sleeve edge
V-neck Jumpers or Sweatshirts* dark blue with School logo. Prefects are presented with a grey V-neck jumper Non-school items, hoodies – with or without zip, cardigans, branded items, track suit tops
Shoes* plain black, polishable, work style shoes. Leather style or faux-leather is acceptable. Trainers, plimsolls, leisure wear, canvas, non-leather style, brand-named footwear, any combination of black with other colours (including logos), sequins or decoration, thick platforms, heels higher than 6cm or any other extremes of fashion
Socks* black, grey, white or dark blue Coloured, patterned socks or frilled socks
Trousers** plain black or dark grey, ankle length work style and appropriate for school.
Skoolkit Girls products; “GPR” or “Eco-Trouser” or identical from another supplier. Boys; ST1 “Senior” or identical
Brushed denim, cord, canvas, jeans, leggings, fashion zips, rivets or other extremes of fashion
Skirts** plain black or dark grey, knee length work style
Skoolkit products; SSK242 “Senior” or SSK401 “Charleston” or identical from another supplier.
Extremes of fashion in terms of length or style
Outdoor Waterproof Coat plain, single colour Denim, camouflage, leather, knitwear, cardigans, hoodies or anything with obvious markings and logos
Tights plain black Grey, coloured or patterned tights
Belt plain black Coloured, studded or extremes of fashion
Jewellery a maximum of one small ear stud per ear and one charity bracelet Any other jewellery, facial piercings, body piercings, stretchers, retainers or plasters used to cover jewellery
Makeup subtle and appropriate for school as a place of work Nail varnish, fake nails, false eye-lashes
Hair one natural colour, grade 2 or longer Extremes of fashion either in the colouring or the nature of the cut. Braiding, beading or hair extensions

*Denotes compulsory to wear to school, jumpers may be removed in lessons with expressed consent of teacher

**Denotes pupils may choose to wear either a pair of trousers or a skirt

Failure to adhere to the uniform policy is likely to result in a request to borrow. Failure to do so will be treated as defiance.


Mobile Devices All devices should be turned off and put into school bags, together with earphones, before entering the school site. Mobile devices and earphones are likely to be confiscated if seen by a member of staff. Confiscated items can be collected after school and will require collection from a parent on second and subsequent occasions.  There may be occasions where teachers will allow pupils to use mobile devices in lessons with their express permission. Internet enabled devices, such as watches, will also be confiscated if they are a distraction to learning, and/or being used to communicate or listen to music.



Equipment Bringing the correct equipment to every lesson and every examination allows you to proceed with work as efficiently and independently as possible. It allows for a positive and calm start to every session, prevents time being wasted and strain on the pupil teacher working relationship. Pupils must bring a school bag large enough to carry kit, books, an A4 folder and their lunch in addition to a pencil case (clear case during exam periods) containing ALL of the following items:

☑Two black or blue pens                      ☑ Rubber ☑ Pair of compasses

☑ Ruler                                                     ☑ Sharpener ☑ Protractor

☑ Scientific calculator                            ☑ Two Pencils ☑ Highlighters


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