VR and teamwork: Sixth Form gets explosive (but in a good way)!

Today, our Sixth Formers traded textbooks for headsets, stepping into the virtual world as bomb disposal experts! The mission: defuse a series of increasingly complex puzzles within a tight 5-minute window. The twist? The only way to succeed was through clear communication and teamwork – describing what they saw and collaborating on solutions.

Sixth Form can sometimes feel like navigating a social minefield. New classes, new faces, and the pressure of exams can make it tough to connect and truly work together. But today, there was no room for awkward silences or solo missions. Every voice, every observation, mattered.

As Hannah, one of our students, put it, “It was intense! You had to rely on each other completely. We couldn’t just keep things in our heads; we had to explain everything, even if it felt silly. And guess what? It worked! We defused the bomb with seconds to spare, all thanks to talking it out and trusting each other.

Beyond the adrenaline rush of the virtual countdown, this exercise was a powerful reminder of the magic that happens when we truly connect and collaborate. It wasn’t just about defusing bombs, it was about building bonds, practising communication, and learning to trust our teammates – skills that will be invaluable long after they leave the sixth-form.

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