Year 6 – Transition to Year 7

At Bay House we are passionate about all pupils experiencing a positive transition as this helps set the foundation for their time at secondary school.

We recognise the huge step that it is from their safe and familiar surroundings, to the busy and more independent environment of a large secondary school, and so we have a comprehensive transition plan in place to help alleviate worries for both parents and pupils.

What transition programme do we offer?


Once you have been notified that you have been successful in obtaining a place for your child at Bay House School, you will be contacted by our Admissions department. They will send you all of the registration forms and details of other key information required as part of your acceptance of the place offered. This pack will also contain details of important transition dates. NB – If your child attends a junior/primary school in Gosport, this will be distributed via the junior/primary schools. If your child attends a school outside of Gosport, this will be sent to your home address.

Transition Meeting

During the summer term, you will be invited to attend a meeting where staff and pupils will be available to answer any questions you have about transition and what to expect when your child becomes a pupil at Bay House School.

Work with primary/junior schools

Throughout the Summer term, our transition team will be fully engaged with the Year 6 teams in the primary/junior schools to ensure a smooth transition for each individual child.

During the summer term we work closely with all junior/primary schools on the transition project work (Maths and English). The aim of these projects is for the pupils to start maths and English work whilst still at their primary school and use this work when they arrive in September. This allows for continuity of learning and gives the opportunity for Bay House staff to see the standard at which the pupils are working.

Transition Visits

We offer 3 full days of transition to all pupils joining in September which will take place in July.  During these visits pupils will experience a variety of lessons and onsite activities including rehearsals for the ‘Year 6 Transition Concert’. The concert will take place on one of the evenings during the 3-day transition visits and parents will be invited to attend the performance.

Additional Support

We realise that transition is different for everyone and some pupils require a further package of support. If you are concerned about transitioning to Bay House School please do not hesitate to speak to your junior school or contact the transition team.

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